Group of lesbians hanging out together

Welcome to the Lesbihonestly Queer Womxn Community

📣Lesbian Womxn! We want to connect with you! 📣

Representation matters and we want to show off the stories, hard work and accolades of Queer Womxn around the world. 

If you're a writer, artist or Gay person who wants to have their message heard let us know. We will feature your artwork, comics, poems, short stories, articles etc. with the community on this page. If you or a friend or organization is doing good work that empowers or supports LGBT people in their community, tell us about it too! We hope to build an engaging and interactive community with your help.

We will try our best to feature as many submissions as possible on our Community Page. Those who are selected to be featured will receive a $25 Gift Card to use on their next Lesbihonestly purchase. 

Bull Dykes with a fresh fade, Baby Dykes with your first bad dye job, Femmes (Chapstick and Lipstick), Androgynous Queers, Sporty Spices, Granola Gals, Cosplay Qweens, Nerds, Rockers, Lesbians in relationships, single Lesbians, Lesbros, LGBTQ+ Allies. Whether you're fat, skinny, muscled or somewhere in between, smooth, hairy, pimply, big boobs, small boobs, saggy boobs, no boobs. Black, White, Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indigenous, or Mixed. We want to see you and celebrate you!


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