About Lesbihonestly

Lesbihonestly's Vision

Building a community of Lesbians around the world celebrating all the wonderful bits of being gay womxn. 

I consider myself a Lesbian, but I still have a hard time saying it out loud despite being surrounded by a strong gay-positive support system. I started Lesbihonestly to work through my internalized homophobia and explore my creativity to celebrate who I am. If you can relate to this in any way, I hope you will join me on my journey of self-discovery. 

Lesbihonestly is a tongue-in-cheek project to have fun with what it means to be a Proud Lesbian. The jokes are not to offend, but to take back and own Lesbian stereotypes. They were written by a Lesbian, for Lesbians. I want to create a fun and inclusive positive shopping experience for queer women who don't always feel like they belong in the heteronormative society in which we live. 

Please note, you will see the word "Lesbian" used throughout the site, but it is meant more of an umbrella term to include all non-straight womxn. 


Fat Friendly  

As a big girl myself, I get discouraged when plus size clothing is not available, made for grandmothers, or costs way more for a "custom" fit. As I look for new products, one of my goals is to select clothing that is available in as many sizes as possible so people of any type will feel comfortable and confident wearing it. 

Type "Plus Size" in the search bar to show all the apparel sized XL and up. 

Thick thighs save lives. ✌️


Representation Matters

Just like sexuality, Lesbians come in a spectrum of gender, body shapes, and skin colors; we want to represent them all. Unfortunately, as Lesbihonestly is just starting out we are relying on our suppliers for photos modelling the products, and representation is limited. As we grow, we'll be able to take our own photos showing off Lesbians, but it is our goal to feature our proud customers modelling apparel and gear. Because representation matters.

For the Lesbians who wander through both the "Women's" and "Men's" section of clothing stores looking for something that feels right.

For the fighters who are seeking tangible solutions to inequality and injustices. 

For those trying to break out of conformity to do what makes them happy, even if it isn't what everyone else is doing. 

For those who are fed up with queer-baiting media and pandering every June.

For the young girls who need to see strong, proud, happy queer role models. 


Lesbihonestly recognizes you.


Join the Community

📣Lesbian Womxn! We want to connect with you! 📣

Representation matters and we want to show off our hot Lesbian customers. 

Post a pic of you showing off your Lesbihonestly Gear or Apparel on Instagram or Facebook and tag us. We will try our best to feature as many customer photos as possible to model products or be shown on our Community Page. Those who are selected to be featured will receive a $25 Discount Code to use on their next Lesbihonestly purchase. 

Bull Dykes with a fresh fade, Baby Dykes with your first bad dye job, Femmes (Chapstick and Lipstick), Androgynous Queers, Sporty Spices, Granola Gals, Cosplay Qweens, Nerds, Rockers, Lesbians in relationships, single Lesbians, Lesbros, LGBTQ+ Allies. Whether you're fat, skinny, muscled or somewhere in between, smooth, hairy, pimply, big boobs, small boobs, saggy boobs, no boobs. Black, White, Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indigenous, or Mixed. We want to see you and celebrate you!   


Contact Us

We'd love to get feedback on your experience and listen to any suggestions you may have to improve the website or build an online community of Lesbians. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at:
1-437-239-2113 (WhatsApp)